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The latest reports from the International Centre for Sport Security
Applying an international standard for educating and training safety and security staff is vital to avoid repeating past incidents, argues Helmut Spahn

James M Dorsey describes the tensions building up in Turkish football, centring on the introduction of the controversial e-ticketing system, as well as the anger over corruption, and support for Kurds in Kobani

Professors James L Skinner and Keith Gilbert look at how different types of infectious disease from HIV to SARS have affected sport, and how virulent diseases such as Ebola present particular issues for sporting events
Dr Ann Rogers discusses the International Safeguards for Children in Sport – the beginning of a long road towards making sport and play safe for children
Celia Brackenridge OBE is a driving force behind Safe Sport International, which aims to mitigate threats to athletes’ welfare. Here, on behalf of the Safe Sport International founding group, Professor Brackenridge sets out the organisation’s rationale, origins and plans for development
Laura Scaife discusses the increasing use of crowd-monitoring technologies to manage safety at major sports events, and examines the data-protection and privacy issues that these technologies present from a legal perspective
Dr Shaun McCarthy discusses how sport is likely to be affected by the rapid changes in technology that are happening across society, and how sport can help communities adjust to new social and economic environments
As stadia managers seek to satisfy fans’ desire for ubiquitous communications and utilise connectivity to their advantage, they must decide among a range of solutions. Tracey Caldwell explores the uses and limitations of beacons